2021 Covid-19 Information

Who would have guessed last year when we posted an optimistic paragraph on our website that in 2021 the covid pandemic would still be blazing across the world. We are people of hope, however, and want to believe that with cautious behavior and a vaccine, a return to normalcy is on the horizon. How does this affect your grant proposal? If we were to indicate we know what will happen and when, we would either be fools or the wisest people ever. So - choosing optimism, we are asking that you write your grant proposal as though we will have a semblance of normal at the time of granting. If our world is still grappling with the pandemic after granting is completed and modifications are necessary we will work with you to achieve the most optimal outcome. We are looking forward to a time when we can walk side by side, a day when we can see a brightening smile, sing, act, and play together and to run to greet and hug each other.

About the Proposal Submission Process

Proposals are accepted annually. Requests for 2021 grants will be accepted between February 1, 2021 and midnight Friday May 14, 2021. The submissions are carefully reviewed by the board of directors during the months of May and early June, with the awards distributed by July 1.


You may download the Proposal submission process for 2021 here. We request that you create your proposal in the format which best suits you then submit it in either:

  • Portable Document Format (PDF)(preferred method)
  • Microsoft Office types (Word and/or Excel)

This is in keeping with our green initiative.

To help you with the process, we have created an example application which you may download here.

How to Submit a Proposal

We prefer that you send your proposal to the board as an attachment by email with a follow-up copy of the cover letter only sent by U.S. Postal mail. You may submit your full proposal by US Postal Mail as an alternative, with an email alerting us that the proposal is on it's way. UPS and Fed Ex will not ship to a post office box.

E-Mail Submissions (preferred method)

We accept e-mail submissions to the address: rfp_submissions@worthington-family-foundation.org . You may submit multiple e-mails should of the size of the attachments exceed a server limit. If you need to do this, please number them in the subject line.

If submitting by email, please send us the cover letter by U.S. Postal mail as a confirmation.

Postal Mail-In

You may mail RFP's directly to the Worthington Family Foundation at:

Worthington Family Foundation
c/o Nan Worthington
P. O. Box 4311
Traverse City, MI 49685

Should you be sending your application by postal mail, please send us an email to rfp_submissions@worthington-family-foundation.org to alert us a proposal is coming by postal mail.


We will send a confirmation email to the stated address in your cover letter within three weeks of submission. Please contact us should you not receive a confirmation.

Grant Reporting

We require an annual Grant Reporting Form be submitted. For grants distributed in 2019 and beyond the reports are due by May 20th of the following year and every year thereafter until the funds are exhausted. For grants distributed prior to 2019, the reports will be due August 1st of the year following the grant distribution. The report will give us a brief update of how your funds are being used and where you are in the process when funds were requested. We require that you use our form.

The form is available here in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats.